Anonymous asked:

sorry for being so late to reply, ive been busy all day. but anyway, im okay. im planning to release this first page (and MAYBE page 2) next wednesday of FOoW but im rather worried, What if no one bothers to read it? i mean my deviantart is very barren, no one ever comments because i never really post anymore, and i just feel... i dont know. maybe people will come back when i post it? but... i dont know.. i feel so bad for waiting this long... (-fishy)

It’s totally fine!

Awesome! And I will totally read it, and if others don’t, they’re crazy

It’s going to be fine; I’m sure people will be glad to see your comic *hug*




Check out a new clip from The Penguins of Madagascar movie, debuted during the DreamWorks Animation panel at Comic-Con!

This brings back good memory of working on the tv show. Still the same fun humour.